Saree for Dummies

I love flaunting a good saree, but then, comes in the fear of tripping over it, and the pleats loosening up, because firstly, I don't know how to drape one, and secondly, because Clumsy is my middle name. So, when the trend of a Plazzo Saree came along, which is basically plazzo pants, with an extension that works as a pallu (the final drape), and after a few months of looking around for it, Lastinch (a plussize company), came out with exactly what I was looking of, and I grabbed it the moment it arrived in their collection. Once it arrived, all I could think of, was how I was going to style it. This time, I've kept it simple, elegant, and Indian, but, you could even grunge it up, or simply add a very contemporary edge to it.


The two to three times that I have worn a saree, have been pretty good, but this one was super comfortable knowing that none of the pleats are going to come off.

I kept the theme of the look Pink, because it was Breast Cancer Awareness month this October, and even though I would like to do more, which I eventually will, I wanted to show my small bit of support for this huge cause.

I hope you liked this blog, and do let me know in the comments what you think of the whole idea of a more-than-ready- ready-made Saree.

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!