The Winter Lookbook

Winter is here, and it's the time when all my summery dresses are kept aside, and all those warm clothes I could never wear back in Chennai, will come to use. I'm sure it will get colder than it is now in a month, and so, I have come up two outfits, which perfectly suit the transition of autumn into winter, but also keep me warm.

The Hoodie

Winter means snuggly hoodies and sweatpants. But, since I've sworn not to wear sweatpants outside of my home, and also stumbled upon this amazing Hoodie Dress, I thought of pairing it with stockings,  not wanting my legs to freeze, and also, to balance it out, I added the Copper coloured boots.

I'm not wearing any accessories, but you could always stack up on the chokers and bracelets and if you're not upto wearing boots, you could always wear a chunky anklet, and turn the whole look more grunge.


Hoodie Dress & Stockings- H&M. Boots-


The Roll Neck

This look is more of a semi-formal one, but still has it's element of fun with all monochrome and a pop of mustard, because no one can stop you from wearing bright colours in the winters. This shirt is the perfect amount of lose, and has big armholes. So, for someone like me who is not comfortable with showing off skin, I took the opportunity of the winter, and wore a roll neck under it. The only accessory I've worn here is the bowler hat, which elevates the fun in the look, and can be worn out on a sunny day, or simply on one of those bad hair days. You could add a longer necklace or a chunky short one, if you're experimental enough, a watch on the long sleeve.


Shirt, Roll neck, & Hat- H&M. Pants- Westside. Shoes- Pavers England.


I love the cold, and I have finally been able to style myself suitable to this kind of weather. I hope you'll liked this, and let me know if you have any suggestions for styling in the winters that you want me to write about.

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!