The Enchantress

Standing between the tress with all the green, brown and black colours around me, I am transformed into my fairy tale books and movies from my childhood, and I feel like one of the characters, be it Red Riding Hood and the wolf; or Snow White and her seven dwarfs; or Cinderella; or Maleficent herself, are going to pop out, and join me in all the posing.

This is when I knew, that I indeed look like a modern-day Enchantress, floating around in the forest, with flowers on my head, and on my clothing, with boots in my feet. The space around me is consumed with my love for nature, and I cannot help but feel amazed at how the tiniest of the ants, and the hugest of trees, co-exist, sharing one piece of land in harmony.

So, carry on, look at what I'm talking about, and experience what I did, through these pictures.


Poncho- Kashmiri Embroidered from Mahabaleshwar Market. Skirt- Marks & Spencers. Boots- Flower Headband- Claires.


I would like to apologize for not putting up blog these past couple of weeks, because of exams, but I have a lot of new stuff lined up for you, and I hope you enjoy all of that.

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Until next time.....STAY SASSY!