I walk across the street, on the way to brunch, wearing my new dress bought just the previous day, and all I can think of, is how else I can style this beauty from Global Desi. Then, I notice the buttons going all the way down, and have an epiphany right there. If I can wear this anarkali style kurta as a dress, I can very well wear it as anything else I can possibly want to! So, after a lot of ideas bursting through, I short-listed on three looks, which seemed to be unique. Read on ahead to know what they are.


For the first look, I wore the dress as it, but with a few tweaks here and there. To add a little more dimension to the already amazingly fitted dress, I put on a belt, which pops out, but is still subtle and doesn't take away from the dress. To accessorize, I bring in my very good friend- silver, and wear big jhumkas and payal (anklets), which also gives the outfit an oomph factor.


Belt- Westside.

 Almost There

After keeping the whole kurta closed, this look, will have it half-open. So, I wore plazzos under it, the colour of which is a complete contrast to the pink. Now, this one is a little different to what I would usually put wear, and was actually quite scared of wearing, mainly because I am extremely conscious of wearing short tops, and was surprised at how good it looked, considering it was mostly covering me up. So, to keep most of the focus on the outfit, but also give a slight pump, I wore earrings that are woven, and high heels, and to complete it all, a silver ring. This outfit is actually perfect to wear to college, or to work, and it's fine to ditch the heels, and wear flat jutties or kohlapuris instead.


Earrings- Global Desi.

All Out

The last one and the I think my favourite out of this series, is something I would have never have thought of, if not for this blog. A grey dress, with a pink overcoat, and a bang of blue. This one can be worn to any kind of a party, and I can't find any more words to describe it, so see for yourself.


Grey Dress- H&M. Necklace- Boho Queen Jewelry.

There are numerous other ways in which you could style this dress or anything similar; like for a casual day at college, you could pair it up with a simple t-shirt and jeans, or just throw it on when it is slightly cold, but not as cold that you need something thick; or you could even put it on a longer dress, and leave it, or belt the two dresses together.

Just like that, you can come up with anything. Let me know in the comments how you would style a dress like this.

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!