Guns, Roses and Rock-Chic


Attitude is everything. For me, my attitude reflects on my clothing. Today, as I felt like a rock and roll babe out of the '90s when I put on that dress, I could only show off how much of a snob with an upturned nose at all times I could act like. As I was putting on my boots and that jacket, I couldn't help but feel like I could hop onto that Harley Davidson, I hope I one day own, and ride off to explore the big wild world.

However I felt, I ended up not crossing the gates of my apartment building, but, I brought all those dreams into that confined space, to show you what I felt, so you could live the dream with me today as you feel all the pictures.


Dress- Boots- Aldo. Jacket- Ed Hardy(Borrowed from the brother).

After my elegant Christmas blog, I went a bit wild and layered up on everything black. By now, you may have seen very different sides of me, and I would love for you to comment which avatar you like the best.

Also, I have a lot of fun and interesting content lined up, so keep a look out on my website and social media (Instagram (sassyjesi_byjesita) and Facebook Page(Sassy Jesi)).

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!