The Farm

The Farm is a restaurant on the outskirts of Chennai, that my family and I visited after months of making plans and cancelling them. But, the wait was completely worth it.We went there for Breakfast and Lunch, so wanted to stay for Tea, but time was not our best friend.

When we reached there, we were in love with the ambience, because it did not feel like we were actually in Chennai. It was so peaceful and calm, unlike the busy buzz of the city. Everything was rustic, yet modern. The Restaurant area was both indoor, which was a hut and outdoor. Both were equally beautiful, but we decided on sitting indoors to beat the heat and also the fact that it was much easier for my grandmom who was on the wheelchair. But, when the rest of us went for a stroll outside, it was indeed cool enough because of all the trees around.

This blog is going to be a tad bit long because I am going to be writing about both the breakfast and lunch that we had there.


What better way to start your day than cheese. The Farm's freshly made cheese was one of my main reasons to go there. So, evidently, the first thing I did on receiving the breakfast menu, was turn to the page of Little Cheese Plates.

The fig and tiny Himalayan apricot almonds, served with the cheese, complimented it so well in terms of taste and texture. The sweet fig, crunchy almonds and smooth cheese made for the perfect first dish of the day.

20170309_084805 (1)

Plain Omelette with Masala, Mozzarella and Goan Sausages

THE BEST OMELETTE EVER. I have never had omelette that I have loved so much. There was a wholesome amount of cheese, masala and sausages in the right proportions. It was neither too spicy, nor too plain. Just perfect.

Along with all forms of egg, was served Sliced Rustic Baguette, Potato Wedges, Grilled Tomato, White Butter, and Home-made Jam.


Sunny Side Up

There is no bigger fan of a Sunny Side Up a.k.a. Fried Egg than my Grandmom and evidently, she asked for just that.

This too was cooked perfectly the way she likes it, and she went gaga over the home made apricot jam that was served with it.


Farm Special Deep Fried Egg

When I read this off the menu, it was something I had never heard of before. To my surprise it was actually a sunny side up, deep fried. I am someone who is not very fond of runny eggs and this one was just perfect.


Egg Dosa

If you are a fan of eggs and dosas, go on and order this one. Every portion is served with two dosas one after the other. With it, was I think the only coconut chutney I have ever liked, Sambar and Tomato thokku, which had the perfect balance of sweet, sour and spicy.


Paneer Paratha

If you ever crave for a paratha breakfast and are ready to travel to the end of the world for it, then come here.

The paratha was stuffed with a whole lot of paneer and was served with Curd, Tomato, Mango Pickle and Chilli Pickle.



Chicken Cutlets

I have always loved chicken cutlets, but never thought of having any outside of my home. This time, my brother was adamant on ordering for them and I am so glad he did.

Actually, they were so good that we ended up ordering for one more portion.


Boccocini di Bufala

Trying one kind cheese for breakfast was'nt enough, we had to have another one. Those three little balls of cheese just made me so happy that I would love going back to try all the other cheeses. The cheese was not very chewy and perfect for my grandmother's teeth.


Achari Chicken Kebab

My father happens to love the Indian cuisine and cannot resist not ordering for a kebab or a tikka. This kebab was served on a Naan (flatbread), Mint chutney and Garlic yogurt. The naan was very soft and freshly made.


Goan Chorizo Pizza

I cannot describe my emotions when I ate the first bite of that pizza. It was like no other pizza I have ever had, and let me tell you, I love pizzas, especially thin crust ones.

It was full of the Yummy Goan pork sausages, potatoes, and mozzarella cheese. The sauce too was not very overwhelmingly sour, rather, it complemented all the toppings.

I think you just go and have that pizza to know exactly what I felt.

Yellow Dal, Palak Paneer, And Naan

The reason I am writing about all of the three together is that, after having the naan from the Achari Chicken Kebab, we wanted to have some more. My mom had seen a picture of the Palak Paneer on instagram and she asked for it, along with some yellow dal. They did'nt hesitate even a little before serving us something that we later realized was not on the menu. We just could'nt seem to get over the fact of how pretty the palak paneer looked.



Chocolate Chip Cake

My family is a big fan of all things chocolate, and that's why, my father and brother, both ordered for the chocolate chip cake. The cake was moist and it hand chunks of dark chocolate in it. It was also served with vanilla ice-cream. I don't think there is much to write about chocolate cake, because it is something that we all love.


Lime Pie

Just the other day, my mom and I were talking about a lime tart that she used to have when she was young and imagine the happiness when she read Lime Pie on the menu.

It was not as sour as you think of when you think lime pie. It was the right amount of sweetness and tartness, and was served with whipped cream.


Chocolate Mousse

I had been craving for some good dark chocolate mousse since a while now. This mousse is made without gelatin and I was in chocolate heaven when I had it. The chocolate was rich and creamy and I still can't get forget the taste of it.


We had a lot of fun there and I would love going back to try some more of their delicious and scrumptious food. On the other hand, the service too, was very courteous and the people there were very nice.

Also, the place was so beautiful that I have shot for the next two blogs there, after receiving permission immediately on asking.



Telephone: +91976050562

Address: 1/277, Semancheri Village,

Old Mahabalipuram Road,

Chennai - 600119.

Timings: 7:30 - 6:30 . They are open for                 Breakfast, Lunch and Tea.

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!