Royalty With A Twist


Burgundy, also known as the colour of the royals, is a deep red mixed with brown and a hint of purple. This colour, on it's own, can do wonders. I wore this outfit for my uncle's wedding and I wanted the sari/dress to be the centre of focus, which is why I chose my accessories to be off the dress, yet standing out, in turn highlighting and complementing the sari/dress.

The wedding took place in an open grass lawn and to wear high heels would have been a nightmare. So, I chose to wear boots, which were so much more comfortable, and just made the already amazing outfit go WOW!

I had been wanting to wear boots with a sari/dress since quiet some time, and what better time than my uncle's wedding?? who is as sassy, crazy and stylish as me :P

The make-up, I wanted to keep minimal, and the hair a little OTT with a bun and a big pouf.











The reason I named this blog Royalty with a twist , is because the accessories, sari/dress, and more importantly, the colours remind me of the royals in my history textbook, and obviously the twist is my boots.

I hope you enjoyed my blog as much as I enjoyed showing it off.

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!