Dhaba by Claridges

There is a new dhaba in town, and after passing by the restaurant with the colourful theme, I had to try out their food and also use their space to shoot for one of my blogs (Slip Saree). The theme is worth mentioning. If anyone here is a bollywood or a movie fanatic, you will be mesmerized by the posters and quotes. Rest assured, their food was to die for (literally!).



For the drinks, they had a few which reminded my parents of their childhood.


Gannne Ka Ras. This one was a mix of ginger, lime and sugarcane, and had the perfect balance between spicy and sweet.

Kaala Khatta. Literally translating to Black Sour, this drink is one of my favourites whenever I visit Pune, and I was so happy on finding it here.

Shikanji, is made out of a seed called shikanji, which is supposed to cool your stomach during the heat, and it was as refreshing as it has to be.



Tandoori Bhune Aloo

Potatoes in any form, are my biggest weakness. Now, tandoor it and top it with tamarind chutney, tomatoes, and onions,  and I am the happiest person, which is exactly what they did. The outside of each piece was crispy, while the inside was soft, the toppings completed the whole dish making it lip smacking good.

Tandoori Dhaba Raan

Raan means the lamb's leg, and this one was worth the money. Their lamb is freshly flown in from Jaipur every day, which happens to be their speciality. The meat fell of the bones and was succulent. On the other hand, the gravy served alongside spiced it up even more.




Tawa Chicken Pulao with Raita

My father and brother are the biggest fans of biryani, and this one sure made them happy and joyous. The pulao was spicy, but not so spicy as to take away the taste. Raita, I am not a very big fan of, but when recommended, we said yes; and it did go really well together.


Lasooni Palak Corn

There is usually Palak Paneer on our minds, but this time, wanting to try something different, we called for this one. The dish came topped with crispy garlic, which was a lot of fun to eat, and also it came pipng hot and full of corn with the delicious palak (spinach).


Dal Dhaba

Just another name for Dal Makhani, but only yummier. This is by far the best dal makhani I have ever had, and let me tell you, this is one dal I wholeheartedly love! It is basically black lentils with a cream base, but it's always been worth those extra calories.


Tandoori Roti and Dhabe Di Roti

Both these rotis were soft and each one was big enough for one person. But the Dhabe di Roti was something very different and I have always been fond of eating naan or roti without anything with it, and this roti had some spices to it which made it taste really good just like that.





We were all so stuffed with all the food, but yet, wanted dessert. After a lot of discussing, we came to the decision of ordering one thing and sharing. We ordered for a traditional dessert, also called a type of kheer. The best part about this is the crunchy nuts on top, which gives it a change in texture from smooth to crunchy. The quantity was not so big, but it was heavy enough to fill our already full stomachs.



This place is a slighlty heavy on the pocket, but worth every penny. Along with the food and ambience, the music was just what we enjoy, slow but happy.

The colours and decor of the whole restaurant were very appealing, and the servers too were attentive and courteous. Can't wait to go back.



Address: Bearing Road 123-124, Ispahani Centre, Nungambakkam High Road, Nungabakkam, Chennai.

Phone: +917338864168 , 04448656703 , 04448656704 .

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!