No, this is not a fashion blog and neither is it a food blog. You may call it a rant, a speech, motivation or simply my feelings. This may be a bit long, because I have'nt written it down beforehand. IMG_1208

After I cut my hair, I slowly started realizing that a lot of people are going to hate me for doing this, and maybe the people I will meet later will judge me by my hair. But, whatever or however my hair looks like, I will always be grounded to my roots. History and culture will always appeal to me. I will always want to know more and more about, not only mine, but also the ethics and ways of the people around me.

All my haircut has given me is happiness and made me more confident about myself. I tend to portray a very confident and full of attitude girl in most of my pictures, just so when I look at myself, I feel good about it, but if you actually met me, my main goal is to be respectfully and non-judgmental about whoever I meet, and it is just recently that I have started being comfortable in my skin and confident about who I am.


Like any other girl, I love those little compliments from random people, if not that, then even a few compliments from my family makes my day. Honestly speaking, both my maternal and paternal grandmothers are usually the first ones to comment on my blogs. However wrong their punctuations or grammar may be, it's their comments, and the fact that they take out their time to write them makes my day whether it is just one sentence or a whole paragraph.


Another thing, is that, I love wearing is dark bold lipshades, or even the most pastel of shades, basically a very unusual colour on my lips brings me joy. The reason I put these on, is simply because I want to and I like to, never to show off or attract any attention to myself. When I had put on my favourite blue-green colour for the first time and put it up on my instagram, some people asked me if I had tried to open an ink bottle with my mouth and spilled some, and told me that I looked ghostly. Of course those words hurt like someone had stabbed me, but I just laughed it off not wanting to create a scene.


But, there have been a number of instances where I have fought back and got what I wanted, and never for the wrong. For instance, I fought with my world to start this blog while my board exams were going on, just so I could keep my mind occupied and busy during those long breaks between each exam.


Coming to the positives, which are pretty much more than the negatives, there have been a handful of people who have always supported me and never opposed my decisions; only corrected me and given me their love. My parents have always let me decide for myself, and sometimes, regretted them too, and then telling me to learn from my mistakes and have never failed to guide me. Everybody has one or more best friends, well, mine are my parents.


Now, coming back to my hair, the most unexpected of people have loved my hair, for example, when I had gone to the mall, out of the few random people who complimented me were a watchman and a salesman. Just the words "Your hair is beautiful and a simple "wow" made me feel on top of the world. And then there were a few people whose opinion I so wanted to hear, who just did'nt say anything.


What I am trying to say in this blog, is that never lose a chance to say a few words of encouragement to a random person whose hair, shoes, or clothes you like, and never say something that will hurt someone.


Man, woman, or child, we are all human beings. Don't hurt anyone just because you don't like a particular quality of theirs. Instead, compliment them on their good side, because, maybe, that person is hating themselves for that little quality you did'nt like too.


Now, one thing I want to clear through this long rant, is that, whatever it is that I wear, or my hair looks like, I will never forget where I come from and the people in my life. There is not going to be one instant where I will be as arrogant or selfish as some judge me to be.

I will always be GROUNDED to my roots.

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!