Lámandier - The Bistro

I have been to Lámandier, quiet a few times before, but always for lunch. So, this time, I decided to drop in for breakfast which I had been wanting to do since a long time. It was á-la-carte, which was even better, because everything we ordered came freshly made and steaming hot.


Lámandier Plate

This  plate consisted of a choice of egg (I chose an Omelette); watermelon juice; fresh fruits (watermelon, muskmelon and pineapple); Bacon; Sausage; Herb Roasted Tomato; Potato Rosti; Toasted Bread; Butter; and Marmalade.

    It all came seperately, one after the other and not in one big plate like I had expected. The omelette, I asked for with masala. It wasn't that spicy, but was stuffed with chopped vegetables. The bacon, on the other hand was crispy and crunchy. Now, the sausages they had forgotten about, but apologized when we asked them about it. They were tiny cocktail sausages, and had a smoky taste to it, which I love. There is not much to say about the rest of the items, except for, that it was fresh and delicious.

Eggs Florentine

I have heard about eggs florentine a lot, but never tried it, thinking the eggs will be too runny for my liking. This time, we decided to give it a try.

It was worth every bit of doubt when I had the first bite. The egg wasn't runny at all, and each egg was served on a sour dough base with spinach and, I think a holandaise sauce. I completely fell in love with it and wouldn't mind having more of it in the future.


Chocolate Croissant

When I saw this on the menu, I just couldn't resist it. I mean, chocolate AND croissant? Oh Yes! I thought it would be chocolate baked inside the croissant, but it was just a chocolate spread inside a half cut croissant, which was fine too.



Breakfast is never complete without some coffee. We asked for the coffee to be a little stronger than usual, and it turned out to be perfect and creamy. The bonus were the cups it came in.



The bistro's ambience is beautiful, with huge french windows and wooden tables with colourful cushions on the chairs. Just what I am so fond of. Overall, the whole experience was amazing. Can't wait to go back.


Address:- 57, 2nd Main Road, RA Puram, Chennai.

Phone:- 04442827882 , +919994304203 , +919841521161

 Until next time.....STAY SASSY!