Retro Ruffles


Ruffles, have been trending on and off since decades, but never have they failed to amuse me and be my staple retro pieces. I love ruffles, but too many of them tend to make ME look funny, even though most of the others I have seen who wear them look drop-dead gorgeous. Lately, I found a shirt with the perfect amount of ruffle that I needed. Paired with a lace skirt, it gives out some major '50s - '90s feels. I wanted to give this outfit a more rock and roll touch, which is why I added these black heels, instead of an otherwise subtle nude heel.

The accessories, are not much, but the statement ring is the showstopper. I did add a thin choker just for the shine and to finish off, there's the black and white clutch/sling.


Shirt- AND. Shoes- Swans. Choker- Forever21. Skirt- Marks & Spencers.


If you noticed, I didn't add any more colour other than the yellow shirt, because each piece here is a statement in itself, and I wanted the focus to be mainly on the shirt.

This whole look gives me a skip in my step, and I can't wait to experiment with more retro looks.

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Until next time.....STAY SASSY!