Modern Day Gara


In the previous post (Memoirs Of A Gara), I gave a brief history of the Gara embroidery and it's significance. For today's blog, I brought together three garas which have a more modern touch than the ones in the previous post. These garas blend into the trends of today, but also keep the charm.


Most of the times, to wear a gara in the "Gujarati" style is the best way of showing off the intricate embroidery. This style is worn by pulling the pallu (or the end) over the shoulder from the back. The base material of this gara is Georgette and embroidery is all over with a border all through. This is a hand-embroidered gara, and when I held the gara in my hand, it took me a while to figure out which side was the front because it is embroidered so beautifully.



The second gara, I have draped in the most modern style I could, but have kept the vintages vibes going. The mix of the blush pink blouse and the red gara, makes it stand out but is still subtle.



This gara is the showstopper. It belongs to my grandmother, which makes it even more special for me. This one happens to be different from any other typical gara, because it has paisley embroidery on it which happens to be more of a western influence.



For the accessories, I have stuck to pearls, just like I did in the previous one. This is because again, I wanted to keep the focus on the garas.

This was the second and the last one of the Gara series and after this, I have truely fallen in love with wearing garas.

One of my aunts has an outlet in Bombay where she sells and also customizes garas. I have written her details under this so if you ever want to own a gara, you can contact her.


Felinaz Collections

Yashna Dadachanji


Mob: +919820444152

Tel: 022-65258044

Address: Shop No. 2, 40 Pavwala bldg, 38/42, Raja ram Mohan Roy Marg, Khetwadi, Opp Cama Baug Agyari, Grant Road, Mumbai- 400004.  

Every time I wore a gara for both of the blogs, it brought out a different personality in me. Either it took me back to the olden era or brought out the modern day sass in me, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of it.

I hope you enjoy reading all of it too.

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!