The Colour Story

First thing I want to say, is that this story is a little different, and the term Colour I have used metaphorically, yet in the right sense. Without further ado, enjoy reading!  

The moment a girl is born, she is made to wear pink, and it was no different for me. A few years later, just like any other, my favourite colour was pink.

Then came my time to go to school, that is when, I refused to dress up "like a girl" and only wanted to wear pants. Still, my favourite colour - pink.

Fast forward  some years, in my pre-teen to teen years, now that I look back, I was one difficult child, and only wanted to be rebelious and not listen to a soul that spoke to me. That's when my choice of colour changed from pink to anti-pink. All I said when asked about my favourite colour was that I liked all kinds of bright colours, but no pink. Those few years were difficult for my parents who always wanted to protect me and keep me under their wing.

Then came the years when I started making sense and having a better understanding. Like you guessed, I didn't really know which was my favourite colour, and just went with the flow. This was the time my parents started to give me a little freedom time to time, but still worried about the decisions I would make. This is when I used my freedom to make choices under their watch.

The choices I made were always either approved or disapproved, but the rebel like me made it so difficult for them to define my choices as right or wrong, as they were mostly something no one else even thought about. Now, the status of my favourite colour went from confused to a bright green-blue colour, which can't really be found everywhere.

sassyjesilogo (1)

About two years later, here I am in love with the same colour and sticking to my decisions, still under my parent's watch, but free to fly.

This tiny bits of freedom at intervals of time is what makes me fly away like a pro and be fair with every decision I make. Who helped me choose my favourite colours you ask? The first person is me, and the other two people who gave me a push, are my parents.

Colours don't define a person, it is the way you use them that it does, and after using all of those colours in every way possible, I stuck to one, but still, are fond of every other colour whether blue, yellow, purple or even pink.   The rebel I am never wants to stick to one colour the whole time is it?


Tell me what your favourite colours are in the comments, and why that colour appeals to you. Also, let me know what you think about this post, because its something different that I thought of trying out.

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!