By The Pool

It's the holiday season! This means, time to spend your days by the pool, in the pool or plan a getaway which includes all of this. Planning your getaway in a nice beach side resort with an enormous pool is not the only thing on your list. There is also the dilemma of staying within the weight limits for your bags.

To solve this dilemma, I have come up with four looks which are easy, fun, and don't even take up too much space.

Also, I have used only one pair of shoes, which go with everything, mainly because one pair with every outfit would cost you the extra bucks during check in.


Flower Power

You know it's going to be great when flowers are involved. The floral print on this dress is not that bright, and so to give it that punch, I added a golden necklace, which is also, a flower.



Sunk In Pink

A pink dress to contrast the blue of the water, isn't that the perfect combination? To give a little more excitement to the already popular contrast, there is the colourful necklace.



With The Flow

Summers and flowy dresses always go hand in hand. But this dress has a different cut to it, and the quirky print is just another level. To wear anything in the neck would be injustice, this is why I kept it minimal by only wearing an ear-cuff and a thin bracelet.



Party Away

There is always one fancy dress that you must carry which happens to be the heaviest. But, not if you opt for something which is metallic with a slight shimmer, and a light fabric. Now, because the dress already has a touch of bling, I have only worn contrast blue earrings.



I have kept every aspect of going on a holiday in mind and kept the accessories such that they don't take up much space. Like I already said, I have kept the same t-strap sandals all through.

Carrying dresses which double as cover ups for your swimsuit are perfect too.

Let me know where you went off this summer or are going to.

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!