Monochrome Monologue

Monochrome, meaning black, white and grey, is a classic, in all genres of styles. It can be made to look as sophisticated as funky and playful. I had been wanting to do a monochrome blog post since quiet some time, but never found the perfect content. Then, I got my hands on this dress. Now, like always, I wanted to do something different. So, I wore it like a slip dress with a top inside, and added a little funk by wearing black lipstick.

There are two looks here, one with a metallic crop top, chunky necklace and Black sneakers, while for the other look, I added a black top, minimal layered necklace, a wrap around bracelet and White sneakers.


Dress & Metallic top- H&M. Black Sneakers- Aldo. White Sneakers- Steve Madden


The inspiration for this blog, is taken from the black and white movies of the olden era. Now even though they were all black and white, there used be so much drama and poise in their acting and dressing, and I'm sure their clothes were quiet colourful too. Also, from what I know, to make the lips pop, they would wear either a green or black lipstick!

I had a very distinct idea in mind, but my editing skills, being not so good, I came up with imperfectly perfect kind of pictures.

Let me know what you think about my editing skills in the comments!

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!