Avatars Of A Denim Dress


Denim is a material, which, when worn in any kind of form, never fails to look amazing. Styling anything denim, is my favourite, because it works in most situations (most- because for some reason, I feel denim can never be included in a formal place). A Denim Dress has been my staple since quiet some time, because like any other denim item, it goes with everything and never fails to amuse me.

Today, I discovered two very unknown avatars of this dress.

The Indian Avatar

As you must have seen in most of my previous blogs, my specialty is the indo-western fusion. So, to not use this power of mine on this dress, would be a waste. I did my best to find as many things Indian as I could.

I discovered this scarf in an exibition recently, and was intrigued by the uniqueness of it. It has two sides to it, and you can sport more of any side, whenever you want. It does look complicated, but trust me, once you know how to tie it, it is a piece of cake. Keeping that in focus, all I did was add my usual Indian spices, the bangles, kohlapuris and the jhumkas. This time, I even got hold of a pair of big payals (anklets), and added them for some more oomph.



The Western Avatar

This avatar is a little common, but I always want to add so much to the dress every time, that the dress becomes just a base. So, for this look, I kept the focus on the dress by wearing only minimal accessories.

On the other hand, it is impossible for me to not add another exciting element and live in peace, which is why, I also added my trusty and comfortable boots, which also add some colour and pop.


Dress- Marks&Spencers. Boots- Vajor. Earrings- Zahana. Necklace- Zardozzi, Pune.


This was just two very different ways I styled my denim dress. Apart from these there are endless possibilities in which you can wear your denim dress.

Tell me in the comments, how you would style your dress.

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!