Chennai Ponnu

First of all, 'Ponnu' means girl in tamil. Now that that's cleared up, if you ask me how I know tamil, I have grown up in Chennai, and have seen most men here wearing "lungis" which are basically huge skirt like cloths, pleated and wrapped around a man's waist. This is something mostly only South-Indian men wear. Which is why, I thought of breaking all stereotypes and, now that I will be leaving this place for further studies, I thought of giving a tribute to the place I grew up in, and wear a lungi, but in a more feminine way.



I added as many chunky accessories as I could, because wearing a lungi, certainly did not make me feel delicate and dainty. I made the whole look androgynous, so the authenticity of the lungi, and the feminity of the outfit has equal focus.

It made me feel like an Indian goddess and a roadside rowdy at the same time!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, as much as I enjoyed posing for it.

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!