Monsoon Grunge

The monsoon is here, and it is my favourite season of the year, after the winter, and I love wearing bright clothing to contrast the grey skies. But, there is always the worry of my shoes getting all spoilt. Then, I found Gum Boots in my favourite colour! Of course styling a blue coloured pair of shoes is not easy. Now, what I wanted to do, is create a darker look this time, instead of what I would usually wear (and by dark, I mean not popping full of bright colours). However dull I wanted the look to be, I don't own a rain-proof dark pair of shoes, so, I decided to make an exception, and fall back on these.

Coming to the dress, I am totally in love with it, because I can pair it with any kind of outfit-- Indo-western; Bright and summery; and Dark, like this one. I did wear it before, and styled it indo-western, but this time, I wore mesh tights under it, to add some more black. Ofcourse, you must have guessed by now, that my accessories too, are black.



As you must have seen, my shoes are full of mud, but all I could think of, was thank god these are just plastic!

There is nothing wrong in wearing bright clothes even in the monsoons, but this was just my take on a more grunge look dedicated to the monsoons.

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!