"That" Off-Shoulder Dress


This blog is for all of those who love everything off-shoulder, but end up not wearing them in fear of showing too much skin. Now, the two looks that I have created not only apply to a dress, but also tops.

Elegantly Western

For this look, I took inspiration from a couple of other bloggers, and wore a simple sleeveless shirt inside, creating a cold-shoulder, but you could always wear a shirt with longer sleeves, or even a t-shirt, or a top with a fancy neckline will work perfectly too.

Now, I wanted to keep it all elegant, so I kept the minimal of drama in the earrings,and I had to complete the look with my all-time-favourite ring! Also, the mules add some more drama to the elegance.

For the makeup, I used my bronzer as the eyeshadow base, and only used a darker matte eyeshadow from my only palette (the Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette) very near to the lash line, and on my lips, is Twig, by M.A.C.


Dress- AND. Mules- H&M. Shirt- AND. Ring- Montage by Ritika. Earrings- Zardozzi, Pune


Boho Ethnic

This was a bit of an experiment where I didn't really know how it would turn out. What I did here is, wear my coatie inside, and then I pulled the tie-up out to look like a bow on the dress. Also, after all the elegance, I wanted to bring out my wild side and go OTT on the accessories, you could always stop at either the bangles or the necklace, but I felt that both together really bring out the boho vibes even more. Coming to the shoes, I had a similar pair long ago, and after wearing them till they gave up on me, I had to let go of them, and after a lot of time of searching, I finally found another pair.

I didn't really want to change the makeup too much, because, being a beginner, I didn't want to spoil the look by goofing up, so all I did was take some of my bright pink lipstick on an angled brush and put it on as a thin eyeliner.


Shoes- Sole to Soul, Pune.


I just wore everything tucked into the dress because of the overlay, but if there isn't anything like that, you could always wear a jacket over your off-shoulder pieces.

Most of the times I want to wear an off-shoulder dress/top, but then it turns out that the situation is just not right, but now I too, figured out how I can wear my off-shoulder without feeling the guilt of "showing too much skin".

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!