My Favourite Things. Chapter 1


Not to be dramatic, but Shoes are my first love. All those who know me well, certainly know my obsession towards my footwear! This is the reason it had to be the first chapter of my series. If I could, I would go on and on about styling each of these pairs for hours, but cutting it a little short for today, I have divided my shoes into about five categories.




Indian footwear is for me the most versatile, because wearing any of these with just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt brings out a pop in the outfit, and as always, it never hurts pairing these with the good ol' jhumkas and bangles. Now, most of my indo-western looks have one of these pairs, and I always fall back on the jutties when I have "Nothing to wear".



Out of all these flats, the mules and sliders are something I have only recently taken a liking for, so they are quiet new compared to the grey slip-ons which must be about two to three years old! All of my flats again, are really easy to style and are basic everyday-wear shoes, which are comfortable and will last me the whole day.




I absolutely love sneakers, and also the idea of wearing sneakers with a dress, which I had seen for the first time in a dance movie, where she had worn a golden cowl-at-the-back dress with matching sneakers (I think I have already mentioned this part, but I don't exactly remember). Those purple converse there, are my first ever converse and once the rains are done with, I am going to wear them so much, because I have the fear of my shoes getting extremely dirty! When I was younger, I never really thought of sneakers as something necessary, but now, I have found my love for sparkly, trendy and basic sneakers. Also, my gym sneakers had to have so many colours to give me some motivation to exercise, also they are perfect for the athleisure look.


High Tops/ Boots


I haven't added much to this collection, but it is only because I don't use them as much. The high-tops with Simpsons on them are my favourite out of the hightops, because first, there's The Simpsons on it; and second because I bought them after a long time of eyeing. Also the holographic ones are extra special, because they are so unique and also, they were my only splurge when I was on vacation in Singapore (love that place!), and those brown boots you see, were the first time I wore boots with a Saree Dress.




Heels, don't I just love going click-clock in them all over the place, but them being comfortable is most important, and that is the first criteria when I buy heels. If you have read my earlier blogs, you may have seen those black sneakers with heels quiet a few times, and those were a gift from my grandmother for my 14th birthday, and they still continue to be very close to my heart, mainly because they can be worn with so many different kinds of outfits. Stillettos don't really work for me, and block heels are much more easier to walk in. I love a good statement pair of shoes, and the colourful ones (painted by my mother) and the black and white striped shoes work really really well.


High Heels


As much as I am comfortable in smaller heels, I love a pair of sky high heels, and don't mind my aching feet as much. Of-course, like I said, stillettos don't form a part of my collection, and so platforms with block heels or wedges work the best for me. I have been told a few quiet bizzare consequences of wearing high heels, but I am going to go ahead and do what I want anyway, and also because I wear high heels only occassionally, which doesn't cause any harm.


I also own a couple of slippers which are exclusively for home, because I don't believe in wearing any kind of flip-flops outside, and then there is my crocs, which are a blessing in this rainy season.

This was just my shoe collection and what I think of them. It is fine to own just three pairs of shoes or a closet-full, as long as you are happy! I had always been fond of shoes since I-don't-know-when, and now that fondness has only grown to profound love. Some may find this weird, but there are somethings you adore and can't let go of.

Let me know what you thought of the first chapter of my series. Also, if you want to know how I style a particular pair, you can ask me that too!

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!