My Favourite Things. Chapter 2



The second thing I am very fond of, is food! I love experimenting with different cuisines, and I love almost all of them.


When it comes to meat, I absolutely love all, but only stick to chicken most of the times. It's not like I don't like my veggies, but given a choice I would rather choose my meat.

Coming to the part about cuisines, I prefer the European cuisine more than ever; but there is always the occassional craving for Indian, American and not much of Asian (But I do love Sushi). There are quite a lot of good restaurants in the area where I live, and I really want to try all of them. The best part is, each restaurant is unique and different from the rest.


Now, coming to desserts, Dark Chocolate in particular is my favourite, and when I mean favourite, I mean I am almost addicted to it! That little bit of bitter at the start of my throat is what makes it all so good! Also, whenever I take a menu in my hand, the first thing I look at, is the dessert section, so you could imagine how much I love chocolate.


I almost forgot about breads and cheese. More unusual, stronger and a wide variety, the better.


This was a pretty short blog, but my love for food certainly goes beyond the size of this blog.

Let me know which one is your favourite cuisine!

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!