My Favourite Things. Chapter 3


Firstly, I just wanted to say, the two people who introduced me to reading were my maternal grand-mother and mother. Watching them read everyday before they sleep made me want to start reading, and I don't even remember the first book I ever read, because it's been years now, and apart from my vocabulary or hold on the english language improving, I have always enjoyed reading different stories and getting lost in the world of imagination. Ofcourse, I have learnt a lot by reading, and not just academically.

After the initial years of reading just one or two pages a day, I can now proudly say that finishing a book in just three to four days is not very difficult.

I have read a ton of books, but for today, I will only talk about a few of the books which I absolutely loved.


The picture has more of Durjoy Datta and Danielle Steele books, but apart from these two, along with Dan Brown and Sidney Sheldon, I do read other authors, as long as they are either Romance, Mystery or Drama; if all there is all three genres in one book, then all the more better!

I've been reading Danielle Steele since quiet some time now, but I discovered Durjoy Datta just recently, and have fallen in love with all of the books I read of his.


I do have many many more books in my cupboards and bookshelves, and so many more which I had to give away, or donate.

Now, reading is something I love. I know so many people who resent reading! My large collection of books certainly has taught me so much about feelings, and also everything other than what my schooling taught me.

Let me know if you read, and if yes, then which book is your favourite!

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!