My Favourite Things. Chapter 4



For this favourite of mine, I give credit to my father. First, because I've caught his movie bug, and also because he has always forced us (my mother, little brother and me) to watch every movie on the block, and I am so glad he does, because most of those movies turn out to be impeccably amazing!

Like any other girl, I love those cheesy romantic, rom-com movies, but a marvel movie never goes unnoticed.

Not only romantic, comedy and action genres, but like my books, I love a good thriller, mystery or drama movie.

I don't exactly have a particular favourite in my large collection of movies seen, but the one genre I hate is Horror, not because of the faces popping up from anywhere, but because of the story and the events leading up to the faces popping up.  Despite of this, the only movie which was part horror and part thriller that I liked was  'Thirt33n Ghosts', which I saw after a lot of persuasion from my father (now you know why I give him credit!). Ofcourse, there are those crazy zombie movies  which is again his favourite genre, which I am not very fond of especially when it doesn't make sense, unless it's really funny.

One more confession I wanted to make, was that, I sob at just the right times whether it's a movie or a book.

Also, when I was in Chennai, I would have to pre-book tickets three to four days beforehand, because almost everyone there is a movie fanatic like me, but now that I am in Pune for my education, it is much much easier to just land up about ten minutes before the show starts and find the theatre only filled up one-fourth.

Just to list out some of my favourite movies, I have added the posters of all of them, and they may be of any time period.

Guardians of the galaxy, vol 1 Guardians of the galaxy, vol 2 The Sound of Music marypoppins-KA-1The lion king

Ofcourse, these are just some of my all-time-favourite movies, and I do love Hindi movies or movies of any other language, and I also forgot to mention, like you've alreay seen, I am still a kid at heart, and love to watch animated movies, and when in movies like Mary Poppins, where it is a musical, and is part animated, I am most ecstatic.

Coming to a few of my favourite actors, there are the typical school girl celebrity crushes on Ranveer Singh(whose every movie I've watched), Bradley Cooper, Shah Rukh Khan, Ryan Renolds, Ryan Gosling, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt and the list could go on. But, apart from these, there are so many talented actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Mellissa McCarthy, Irrfan Khan, etc. Also, one actor's style I particularly like, is Alia Bhatt, and would love to style her and Ranveer Singh one day.

I just realized I completely strayed away from my topic there for some time, but I would love for you'll to tell me which movie and actor is your favourite.

  Until next time.....STAY SASSY!