Sarosh, my father, passed away on Sunday, and it would be the greatest injustice if I didn't dedicate a blog to him. Firstly, because he was my advertising department and would tell everyone he met about my blog; and secondly, because I am as proud to be the daughter of this amazing human being as he was proud of my brother and me. Thirdly, because I want to show the world how an exceptional person is no more in it When I told him I wanted to start 'blogging', he had no clue what it was, but all he said was, tell me what it is and do whatever you want to do. Then, like all snoopy fathers, he asked around and dug out the pros and cons of blogging, with obviously, more pros than cons. I did decide to start off, fixed a date, and then came the dilema of a finding a photographer, or even a friend who would use my camera to click a few pictures of mine. All of the other people I knew refused to do this for me, and my father, without hesitation and without any knowledge of how to use a DSLR, again dug around, and managed to click some of the most beautiful shots of mine, after shouting at me about how to pose ofcourse, and what was most special about his photographs was that he would click pictures right after he cracked one of his lame jokes and I would be in fits of laughter.

He never spoke too much with the people around him, and I get that gene from him; but when his favourite topic- Bikes came around, you could never stop him from talking about all the bikes in the vicinity. He could recognise every detail of the bike, including who owns it, just by listening to the passing roar of a bike.


Every time we went out, there was always someone or the other to whom he would point out to and say "That's my friend", and that also included any one he has met one time.

He was 23 years old when he had me, and my mom says that he picked me up and walked around with me like he was a pro at it;  and that confidence never wavered.

Never in my life have I seen him shout at or hit any one, never have I seen him jealous . Never have I seen him cry, and my goal was to see him cry at my wedding when he would see me off.

Next month is his 41st birthday, and the month after that, my 18th. It does hurt me that he won't be there on my most important birthday, but to come to think of it, atleast he will be at peace and not suffering in a hospital. I guess believing in the afterlife is one thing I can do right now.

The best man in my life will never get a chance to threaten and nag the boys in my life. They will never get the opportunity to meet my father. But this will not stop me from telling everyone I meet about him. I was always worried about what I would tell him if I ever find someone I like, but now he will know every guy I crush on too, and I can only pity them.

The little girl I was planning on adopting once I am all grown up and stable will never see her grand-father, but that will not stop me from filling her on every little thing about him.

On the day of my college orientation, he was happier than the happiest man, and was proud like I had gotten my PhD. He had no clue what exactly I was supposed to do, but like every other time, he only asked me if I knew what to do, and went back to being the fidgity-nervous-with-happiness person.


I missed him a lot over last week, but for some reason, I never called him and told him how much I love him. I don't remember what we spoke last, but we both knew exactly what the other was doing.

There is not one bad memory he left for any of us, and had thousands of friends. Every time someone comes to know I am his daughter, they only have the most amazing things to say about him, specially how much he touched their lives. I guess helping people around him was his hobby, and that makes me proud to be his daughter!

A friend to his children, and his wife's best friend is what he always was. The four of us have the strongest bond, and nothing in the world will be able to break that.

I will always miss him, love him and remember his goofball craziness.

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!