DIY Denim Skirt

My mom, who is artistic as ever, decided to cut three of my jeans, and convert them into skirts. The result as expected, was amazing, and so, a blog idea came about. The two skirts are very different from each other. While one is more of a western-wear, the other can be either, but I like to call it a ghagra.

The Mid-Length

This one, was made with the material of about three different pairs of old jeans. One for the main base, one as a patch in the middle, and one piece to make it longer, because it seemed too short for me to wear to college if I ever wanted to. Then, to make it more interesting, she ironed on patches, which are so beautiful, they seem like embroidery. I paired it up with this shirt which was gifted by my uncle, knowing how much I love the unusual, and well, the shoes and choker were the most spontaneous decision right before the shoot.


Sneakers- Aldo. Patches- (via Instagram).


The Indian Ghagra

This one is super easy to make, you just need to cut off the top part of your jeans, and attach it to a piece of cloth of your choice. Because I thought of the skirt as a ghagra and would love to do a fusion with it one day, I wore with it a top which is more inclined towards the Indian side, and to do something different than the usual necklaces, I wrapped around this infinity scarf, and then ofcourse, the bangles, earrings, and jutties had to make an appearance. Also, I added a little bit of green eyeshadow, which I wish was a little more pigmented, for added effect and drama.


Scarf- AND. Earrings- Zahana Chennai. Jutties- Alex Brown.


That's it for today. I hope you'll liked this one, and if you did like the skirts, let me know in the comments.

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!