Grunge 'n Roll

When I think Rock and Roll, the first thing that comes to my mind is metallic and denim. So, I have combined the two, along with some dark, bold, grunge make-up. Hence, the name of today's blog. The whole look is a mix of about three genres, or 'textures', as I like to call it. I've worn the denim jacket that my mother painted on, as a top, and jazzed it up with a metallic skirt. To add some bossiness to the look, I wore my brogue platforms, and for the accessories, I couldn't find earcuffs that actually matched, so I just paired two different earcuffs, I also added a matching choker and bracelet to make up for the mismatched earrings.


Coming to the make-up, I wanted to go all out and bold, and so, I did a coloured smokey eyes, and green lips, because I couldn't wait any longer to wear that shade on my lips, and it also helped complete the look.


Now, this look can be worn to a lot of places, like a Sunday dinner, or even a party. The bold make-up can be replaced for a more subtle look, and you could wear lesser accessories or simply layer the chokers and necklaces up.

I hope you enjoyed this look, and if you did, let me know why in the comments....

Until next time.....STAY SASSY!