Mini Me


In comes this tiny bundle of joy a year and half ago, named Arianna, and I decided then and there, that this little cousin of mine, is going to get whatever she asks from me, and all my big sisterly love is going to be showered upon her till the end of time, and now that she is old enough to pose and has turned into a drama princess at just 18 months, and when I also found a top that matches one of hers, I immediately thought of showing her off on my blog. A little more about her, she loves almost all things fashion already, and I am her biggest fan; judging from the pictures that her parents take of hers, she is capable of becoming a model, or moreover an actress. Even with her limited vocabulary, she manages to put forward her point and is as strong-headed as any girl should be, maybe even more once she is all grown up.

After a lot of persuasion from my side, some convincing from my uncle's side, and a lot of hard work from my brother's side, to make her smile and laugh, we managed to click some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever taken with her.

So, here comes a lot of cuteness, happiness and love in a bunch of photographs, enjoy!

I hope you'll enjoyed this blog, and also, because I promised my brother I would give him the credits he deserves, I would love it if you'll checked out his videos on youtube, and liked, shared and subscribed to his channel- SAROSH ENTERTAINMENT STUDIOS; and trust me, he has some amazing stuff lined up.

Until next time.....SASSY JESI!